Monday, February 7, 2011

Dining Room B & A

I would love to get a "Home Tour" on my blog, but I'm not there yet.  The room closest to being done is our dining room, so I thought I would post a few before and after pics.

That would be the day we settled on the house and came over to clean before moving our stuff in the next day.

In Process:

 This is painted (Glidden Woodsmoke) with the area rug that I ordered online and was not the color I thought it was going to be.


This is current, with curtains hung, some wall art, and a new rug that i like much better.  It's less traditional than the previous and more the look I was going for, thought it has it's own issues. (My first "natural fiber" rug, it's pretty dusty and fiber-y, normal?)  Things still to do include adding chair pads (looking for something perfect and affordable!) and adding picture-box type wainscoting under the chair rail.
And a few more:


  1. how fun that our kids are about the same :)

    where on earth did you find a square table at table height!! I looked far and wide and all i could find was counter height. the only exception being a nice table at pottery barn online... but that was out of our price range.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    i was skiming over your other posts and saw that it was taking a long time for your pictures to load. did that problem resolve it's self? if not, you may just have a sloooow internet connection.

    i have another blog called ilovethewaysheblogs that gives lots of blogging tips and design help.

    keep in touch!

  2. i love the color on your walls-i am heavily into grays lately. even pre blogging, when i didn't know how "big" it was. i think that is normal for natural rugs, too, but it is annoying, isn't it, lol!

  3. Beautiful! You have a great room to work with. I can't wait to see more!


  4. Wow, the power of Thrifty...I had 0 page views until linking to her!
    Lilly- The table was a steal from JCP. I think I paid about $199 on clearance? Had my eye on Montego as well, but i would have died if my kids had scratched that.
    TCOTC- me too. I thought gray and gold was my own idea until I started reading blogs...who knew it was the biggest thing since ORB? :)
    Dearest-thanks, I'm heading over to check out your blog!