Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a new blog?

Maybe I should be posting on a different kind of blog.  I love to read the home design blogs, but I just don't have the kind of time those ladies have....I know all moms like to say they are busy (and they are) but a mom of one, or a mom of a few that are all in school can't compare to a mom of many young kids that are HOME.
So maybe this will have to remain a practice blog for a few more years.  Maybe one day I will have a little bit of time to take pictures, upload pictures, and post pictures.  That is so far out of the realm of possibilities at the present moment.  Too busy surviving still.....

Monday, February 6, 2012

a baking experiment

I haven't blogged much about baking, but I could, since i do it pretty often.  Yesterday I gave a shot at thin chewy-crispy chocolate chip cookies.  Final review- not awful, but not as good as my regular.

Here is where I could type up the recipe (assuming I had readers.) With a picture of course (not taken yet...gotta do that asap as there are only a few left...)

And then, I should add the recipe for my standards, since I say they are better than the new...

So, there.  A potential post.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big purchase

Since we started building the house, I have wanted a seating area in the master bedroom.  For a few months I have been eyeing a sofa from Pottery Barn, specifically because it came in an "apartment size."  I think a regular sofa would be too large, and a loveseat has funny proportions (I think.)  So maybe a month ago I outlined the size with tape on the floor, then went to the nice mall that has a PB and looked at the fabrics in person.  Then, I asked for a giftcard for christmas from my parents.  Then Darling traded in our credit card points for another giftcard.  Then the PB catalog arrived for this month with a 15% coupon code!!  I have some Christmas money to put towards the balance, and for the rest, I have been trimming our grocery bill each week for the last couple weeks.  SO, last night I finally pulled the trigger.  I am so nervous, I hope I love it....should be here in approx 8 weeks.

I may or may not have tossed a crystal chandelier into my cart while I was at it....the total was so high anyway, might as well :)

Pics in a few months!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My New Year's Resolution

It seems as though a blog is a good place to state your resolution.  It took me a few days to think of one, but I realized that I need to stop being lazy at night!  
I have fallen into the habit of collapsing on the couch once all the kids are finally in bed, then I stay put for a few hours and eventually go to bed.  So, my new goal is to make sure that not only are the dishes done, but the sink scrubbed clean and maybe even wiping down all 23 miles of countertops each night.  Oh, and the family room straightened so that when I inevitably collapse on the couch, I am looking at a clean room! 
And a note as to why blogging is not working for me, I started typing this over 24 hours ago, and it took me this long to write this little.  Too many interruptions.