Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big purchase

Since we started building the house, I have wanted a seating area in the master bedroom.  For a few months I have been eyeing a sofa from Pottery Barn, specifically because it came in an "apartment size."  I think a regular sofa would be too large, and a loveseat has funny proportions (I think.)  So maybe a month ago I outlined the size with tape on the floor, then went to the nice mall that has a PB and looked at the fabrics in person.  Then, I asked for a giftcard for christmas from my parents.  Then Darling traded in our credit card points for another giftcard.  Then the PB catalog arrived for this month with a 15% coupon code!!  I have some Christmas money to put towards the balance, and for the rest, I have been trimming our grocery bill each week for the last couple weeks.  SO, last night I finally pulled the trigger.  I am so nervous, I hope I love it....should be here in approx 8 weeks.

I may or may not have tossed a crystal chandelier into my cart while I was at it....the total was so high anyway, might as well :)

Pics in a few months!

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