Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen plans

Did I really miss all of July?  Oops. 

So my new kitchen in my new house is all of 1 yr old, and I want to tear it out.  I have such regret about it.  Sigh.  I blame all the blogs I read.  At the time we were building I didn't know I would have liked to have wood floors in the kitchen, or white white cabinets, etc etc.  But the reality is we spent many many thousands of dollars on our tile floors and wood cabinets thinking that we would never want to change them.  Hmm.

Well, what I can change is the counters for sure.  That was the one place we skimped, so it is just laminate.  And when those are ripped off, I think the backsplash won't survive, maybe change that, and I am thinking maybe even the cabinets could be painted (but this makes me nervous b/c we have soooo many, and did I mention they were expensive?)

So basically I think the only thing that is more or less NOT changeable is the tile floors.  Ceramic in the color "mushroom"  which is a medium beige with some gray tones in them.  I have an extra cabinet door in the garage, so I think I might paint it white and bring it in to see how the cool white looks against the warm-toned tile.

I have been shopping for counters.  I am thinking quartz or concrete with a butcher block top on the island.  Haven't researched the concrete much yet.  Found some great gray quartz options though....

A few years down the line for sure, but it gives me hope :)  See the original kitchen here, shortly after we moved in.


  1. ok! your cabinets are gorgeous!!! Paint them if you must, but i think they are sooooo pretty! And when it comes to wood floors in the kitchen you were smart to put in tile. they are a lot more durable. the wood floors in our dining and foyer get scratched SO easily and if we had them in our kitchen they would be a mess!

    Have you ever seen jon and kate plus 8? your kitchen looks A LOT like the one they had.

    Anyhow, i hope you don't feel like your kitchen is out of style just because of the trends we are all seeing in blogland. your kitchen is fantastic... and have you been to thriftydecorchick? not sure if that is how it's spelled... but she has natural wood cabinets and they look great. But all that said, i'm sure if you paint it will look great too :)

  2. I really like your cabinets!

    But you're partially right, your kitchen needs something... If it were mine, first I'd paint those too white walls a light and lively color, and second I'd change the cabinets pulls with something like this: installed horizontally in the upper part of the low cabinets doors and the lower part of the upper ones; what's more, if I'd get my hands in handles long as every door and drawer is, that'd be my choice!

    Hope I've helped to give you some ideas w/o breaking the budget! :D