Friday, December 9, 2011


Finally got a few pictures of the Holiday decor around here, although there are a few more I want to take.  The I am semi-happy with the tree this year, I bought lots of new ornaments.  I'm calling it my silver tree, but it could really be named my Walmart tree because most of the ornaments came from there!  With 4 young kids, I don't travel far from home!!  And they are all shatterproof, rather than having the bottom 1/3 of the tree bare, like usual.
 I feel like I really overloaded the tree with ornaments, which is what I wanted, but it photographed looking kinda plain and are a few close-ups to prove the ornaments really are there!

Over to the mantel...It is a bit plain, I added a bunch of votives and some stuff, but then it just looked cluttered.  So it is this way, this year.  Next year I will try to switch it up.

Aaand, over to the kitchen-

The above tree is the kids tree that they decorated themselves. 

And last for today, the dining room...

My attempt at a vignette...I like it, it has potential.  I might still fuss with it, the bottom is tricky because my little ones will play break whatever is there. Again I was surprised at how much plainer things seem in a photo than in person.

OK, this has taken about 5 hours to put together with all the interruptions, going to get this up before the bus arrives and things get even more hectic.  I'll try to get the other shots/rooms in another post soon.  Although with my track record....I couldn't even remember my url to start this one!


  1. I love how simple these decorations are, but yet they make your home look so nice.

    My favorite is the Christmas tree you posted at the very top. You did such a good job decorating it. I don't mind the ornaments being from Walmart. I think it's better to get cheap ones that look just as nice as the ones you get at high end stores. That way if one breaks, you didn't waste your money.

  2. Is that the kitchen that the kids' tree is in? I love all the windows you have in there. You have a beautiful home--thanks for inviting us in! :)