Friday, April 15, 2011


Two posts in one day...I may not be back for months after this!   An artist friend of ours came across this piece and asked if we wanted it her.  She came to be called Judy (funny story).  Judy is larger in person than she appeared in this photo that was snapped and emailed to me when I accepted her.

We have a large vaulted wall in our master bedroom that I thought would work for her.

But now that she is in the room (on the floor, not hung up) she is quite heavy looking.  Touring around blogland made me think to spray paint her and lighten up the heavy black frame.  So, I've been spending some time tonight thinking about what color.  The plan is to paint the room "natural linen" beige with white board and batten.  Sooo...white?  cream?  apple green??  If anyone stumbles by this, leave a comment.  I'll be so shocked I promise to take your color suggestion!

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  1. Hi!

    I've "stumbled" across your blog and cannot leave without leaving you with my "two cents" on your mirror dilemma :)

    I think you have two options right now: paint it white to make it appear lighter or keep it as is until the big bedroom makeover is done. Once you have the room put together with the wall colors you decide upon, your furniture and maybe the window treatments, you'll see it's way easier to chose THE color for the mirror frame.

    Keep blogging, and keep doing it for yourself. Everybody else will come on board eventually.


    BTW, I think I'm your first commenter so you may like to know that your first fan is from across "the pond" ;)