Monday, April 4, 2011

Window Coverings b&a

What in the world is the PC name for them??  Curtains?  Drapes?  I think draperies are just heavy curtains.  Curtains sound so country....speaking of which- Our country curtains are gone!  As i was saying in the old house recap, I was trying hard to reuse the family room curtains, but it just wasn't the right look for the new house.  The old FR had a farmhouse country feel to it (see?), and it just wasn't working here.

So, I found some new "treatments" online that i thought had potential and debated forever, then finally bought one panel to see.  And I still wasn't sure.  But then I found a coupon code, so I ordered the rest.  And here they are.

I wasn't crazy about the rod-pocket style, but Darling cut a hole in them for me so that I could extend them all the way to the end of the rod (meaning over the rod holder piece) which did improve the look.  The fabric is a little thin, but it does hang ok, which may be due to the fact that I ordered 108" so the sheer weight of that length of fabric must help.  They are puddled now, and once we figure out what kind of trim will go around the ceiling we can adjust and hang higher if needed.  We are debating btwn a simple crown or a complex coffered :)

Now, I am jumping the gun on pictures of the room itself, b/c that has a ton of work left.  Currently I need to find accessories for the mantle with some height that will accentuate that lovely mirror!  Oh, and sorry I didn't clean the junk away in any of the photos.  I have to work fast around here.

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